A trip to Mera Peak takes you from the forests of Nepal's middle hills to the alpine environment, culminating at

6330m on the summit of Mera Peak. Trekking through the remote Hinku valley on the way to Mera is a wonderful

wilderness experience – much more so than some of the more popular trekking areas. In the pristine forests that

flank the lower Hinku Valley we will pass banks of strawberries and raspberries, rest under huge magnolias, and

marvel at the enormous variety of rhododendrons and at how straight and huge are the blue spruce. The views

from on the mountain (and even from high camp) are spectacular – the Himalayan giants of Mt Everest, Lhotse

and Makalu (ranked 1, 4 and 5 among the world highest peaks) surround you, with Cho Oyu and Kanchenjunga to

either side and a multitude of intervening glaciers.


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